Ultimate Guide : How To Go Live : 9 Secrets That Actually Work

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Going live can be an absolutely great way to gain the attention of your customers through content marketing., learn how to go live and here are 9 secrets that actually work.

1. Involving audience

Heres How to do this :

Asking questions

Asking great questions can involve them in to the content you want them to watch and the feel interested and it gives their brain some thing to think on , because our brains cant ignore a question.

Listening what they want to know (gather their questions)

Doing this can give you two benifits, one you can grab their attention and second benifit is you can gather information or questions to answer in your next live sessions for growing more content that actually helps people.

Let them know when you go live regularly

Let them know what the topic will be

Letting them know about other places and things

2. Using Replay (Recorded Live Session)

Just record your live sessions and publish them again.

3. Get Right in to the topic - Don’t waste time with shout outs. (Don’t make it boring)

4. Have bullet points on exactly what you going to talk about.

This will help you to remember what you need to speak, when you lose track.

5. Doing mixed live sessions.

Lives using various social media platforms like (Facebook, Insta , LinkedIn & YouTube) -

6. Post a lot of insta video stories for practice.

Make as many stories you possibly can this will allow you to gain practice and keep ourself free from burning out and from the stress of doing a live.

7. Create small bite size content

First focus on short content pieces.

Increase the time as you get better with it and as your audience increase.(if needed)

8. Have a structure for your live stream - Create a formula for each brand.

Example Structure to use :

  1. Give them 3 main takeaways after this.

  2. Personal experience about the topic

  3. Top Mistakes other people similar are making / Problems they might be facing

  4. Undesired outcome of those problems / mistakes

  5. Finally offering solutions.

  6. Add a call to action - Free ebook, check list etc etc

9. Do Collaborative Live sessions

  1. Interviews

  2. Discussions